Defend the city

Some zombies always find their way to our city, join the defense strike force, and defend the city.


The city is safe, but that would not be the case if zombies had a say in it. Grab your weapons, join forces with other survivors and help Central command defend the city!

In this clean and fun tower defense gameplay, organize the defenses by placing available gear / equipment but also by organizing survivors and making sure they are properly supplied for. The gear you have in your accommodation inventory will be available for you to use here. Think on your feet, the city defenses rely on it!

Progression & Reward

Because you are directly helping the community to survive, these missions will come with a SC reward dependent on the level of risk you are taking by going for them (see "special missions" in Play & Earn)

To access more difficult (and rewarding) missions, youll need better gear that you can craft from items gathered in Scavenging.

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