Last Resort

Soft Currency

Ticker: To Be Determined (Placeholder is $SC for Soft Currency)
Total Supply: Unlimited


There are ways to earn $SC for all players:
  • Free players: Join forces with other players to survive high yielding areas and share a loot that can contain $SC. You can also contact business owners to help them run the business in exchange for a share of their profits.
  • NFT owners: From time to time, special missions that yield $SC rewards open up. The higher DPS your character has, the better your chances of making it out of these areas alive, fully ready to take advantage of your loot. You can also join forces with other players for a bonus. Leverage your NFTs to optimize your $SC yield.
  • Residential Owners: You own a valuable asset and can share its benefits with other players for a rent in $SC.
  • Business Owners: Running your business means charging other players for the user for your services. Earn $SC by opening your business and charging for the crafting of new items.


$SC is used in many different places in last resort :
  • Surplus shop: Many items are directly available for purchase in $SC at the shop
  • Crafting: Most crafting recipes require $SC to create the new item
  • Accommodation: If you'd like to get out of the barracks and get benefits from an appartment in town, you can find a land owner with space, you'll need to pay rent in $SC though.

Claim Tokens

Players can claim their earned tokens from the game after the player account has been created for at least 12 Days. Then, they can be claimed every 48 hours.

Transaction fee

  • A 4% fee based on $SC claimed will be charged
  • Minimum chargeable fee: TBD