Crafting & Shop licenses /

To progress and go on ever more challenging missions, every player needs to craft new items. If you own a shop license, you own crafting recipes that you can charge other players to use.

Start your business by acquiring a land that comes with crafting recipes and a license to craft items for other players, providing them an NFT (NFT key to use on smart contracts). Each NFT you craft is stamped with your license number, allowing for future applications (giving returning customers discounts, organizing raids only with your customers etc.)

Be present in the shop to take their order and charge a commission or hire other players to do it for you. Build your business the way you like, charge the amount you like (in SC), provide part of the items or resources if you'd like etc.

Launch: Shop licenses will be for sale. Acquire one and start planning your business!

Season 2: You take delivery of your own shop. It comes with a land in the business district and crafting recipes:

  • Gunsmith: Craft weapons depending on your shop Tier

  • Armor specialist: Craft armor components depending on your shop Tier

  • Handy Man: Craft a wide variety of tools, vehicles etc.

Subsequent seasons - Bid on new crafting recipes to be part of the select few who can craft new season items

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