Play & Earn

Last resort adopts a game first approach: All players are welcome to join, and we want all to have the most fun possible. That being said, NFTs are available for sale and part of the appeal of owning a unique NFT is the opportunity it brings to earn rewards for specific actions in game.

Here is the list of activities that will let NFT holders generate revenue:

  • Special missions: Going on special missions lets you earn SC. The SC distributed each day to players will depend on the average SC collected the week before (mainly through Crafting fees). This is to ensure that the loop is sustainable and currency stable.

  • Bounties: Special time limited high risk missions grant high rewards. Compete with other players to be the first to clear certain areas to get the highest HC prizes!

  • Land Ownership: Owning a shop or residential land lets you charge other players for your services and earn SC.

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