Last Resort


When you first arrive in town, as part of the general population, you live in a military tent. It comes with its own storage locker you can use to empty your bag and store securely your belonging when you go on adventures. Use it wisely to keep the items for your next crafts.
As you progress and show your worth in town, Central command will assign you with new personal quarters. First Military barracks, then you own apartment. Each will grant access to a new set of crafting recipes while also providing more storage room.
If you'd like you can also get into houses which are private property and therefore are represented by NFTs and limited in number:
  • Own a house: During Pre-sales, lands will be available for sale and starting in Season 1 you'll be able to customize your home and use its many perks.
  • Co-own a home: Similarly, you can share a home with a few other players, just generate NFT keys for them to access home. Only the owner can customize the space though
  • Guilds: Guilds are home owners that have an extra functionnality: gear lending.
Homes are at the center of very high-end crafting recipies that generate assets which can rented our to the whole ecosystem. Exemple : Transportation vehicles, ATVs, Trucks, Helicopters.
Pre-sales - Buy the land you'll be able to build on.
Season 1 - Build a house on your land and start personalizing it Landowners will be able to personalize their space and benefit from the extra storage.
Subsequent seasons - More customization options + high end crafting