Last Resort

Come live the adventure of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Settle down in town, build your character and go on missions with your favorite Gameplay, would it be scavenging, attacking, or defending.


Everything went so fast ... We didn't know what to do when we encountered the first monster ... It quickly became clear that we needed to hunker down and survive ... We were probably one of the best equipped places to do so, human survival was at stake.

When the dust settled, we were still standing and in one piece. It's time to get answers, understand what caused this monster outbreak and how to stop it. Early indications point towards the melting arctic; we will do everything in our power to find out. We'll need all the help we can get so we started broadcasting an AM radio signal to reach survivors and work together. Join us!

Our commander led us through the storm, and we just found out that his family was out of town during the outbreak, at their lakehouse. We owe it to him to go look for them, whatever it takes to bring his wife and young twins back home. We will make it worth your while if you decide to help!

Starting Point

Upon arrival in the city, you will be provided with your own spot in a military tent. This is the start of your new life. Roam the city to meet people and choose your path from here on out.

Our goal is to grow the city as much as possible to be able to welcome ever more survivors. Here are a few ways you can help, choose the one that suits you best or combine them all:

  • Scavenge: Go outside the city to find resources and materials you can use to craft new items

  • Defend: Defend the city from incoming hordes of monsters (tower defense)

  • Attack : Clear new areas of monsters so we can safely work on extending the city (rail shooter)

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