Last Resort

The City

The city was secured by the military, it's now up to you to make it grow so it can welcome more survivors. Discover how you can help by going on a variety of adventures.
When you first arrive at the city, you enter the general population and are given a space in a military tent with your own personal locker. This is the central point from which you'll be able to start every adventure and make your character progress.

Start a new adventure

The "Call to Action" center lets you access the missions outside the city that will let you grow your character and help the city at the same time!

Meeting other players

When roaming the city, don't hesitate to talk to other survivors. Form groups, go in more dangerous zones and share the loot (4 simultaneous players max)

Progress & Grow

The city is the central point in which you'll be able to grow your character.
Check crafting recipes ahead of time and bring the right items to the Gunsmith, the Armor specialist, or the Handy man so they can help you reach and complete the most difficult missions.
At first, this will be handled by Central Command then in season 2 these services will be decentralized and set in the hands of other survivors. Meet shop owners in the business district, find a shop you like and get the service from them.